Life Currency

I read this article about body currency and the author, Jes Baker, says, “It goes like something this: we are taught as a society that IF we achieve the ideal body that we see in traditional media (and not before) we will then obtain love, worthiness, success and ultimately- happiness.  Which is what we all want, right?”

It is brilliant, I love the article and it got me thinking about other forms of “currency” we use. I exchanged “body” with “life.” The overall concept of life currency being similar, just an expanded scope – Are we conditioned to think we are only worthy or achieved greatness if our life looks/is perfect?

The more perfect the more worthy…but, how much more pain?

When do we step off the roller coaster long enough to realize – my body, my life, my family, etc. doesn’t look like I thought it would or wanted it to… but it might be more, it might be better!

How much are we missing because we are trying to attain or maintain a “thigh gap;” working at a lucrative but soulless job; critiquing our children’s performance rather than asking how much fun they had; cleaning and organizing the house to obsession?! To fucking much, we are missing too fucking much!

My 10 extra pounds come from fun dates and late night ice cream with my husband, loopy nights eating junk with my nearest and dearest (and not so nearest and dearest), holidays with family, and girls weekends with the best people I know. I’ll keep those 10 pounds (or sometimes 15), thank you very much!

Marrying my husband, our move to California, the traveling, the wine tasting, the insane joy I get from my two four legged beasts (who leave a staggering amount of hair all over my house)…none of this would have happened if my life hadn’t turned up just as it is – completely, utterly, imperfect. I am who I am and I have what I have, because of and in spite of my mistakes, challenges, heartbreaks and tragedies. They all played a role.

It doesn’t matter what your life looks like, or if it turned out exactly as you imagined or dreamed or wanted. You can embrace it anyway. You can love it anyway. You can consider it extraordinary anyway.

No permission necessary.

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